Casandra May

Casandra May Freelance Journalist, Blogger, and Website Copywriter

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Casandra May Writer
Casandra May
Marketing Specialist, Professional Writer, SEO

Casandra May is a professional website writer with over a decade of experience in content development for organizations of all sizes. She began her career as a freelance writer on Upwork. 

Casandra May spent several years focused on campaign development for medical clients, law firms, technology agencies, and companies that provide software as a service (SaaS). She quickly gained regular clients through her high-quality work and fast turnarounds. 

Years of experience has allowed Casandra to expand her content marketing knowledge in search engine optimization, campaign development, and improving the customer experience. 

Casandra currently develops blogs and news articles for several reputable digital marketing agencies. 5-star reviews demonstrate her commitment to her clients. 

Casandra May is driven, a self-starter, and strongly believes in the power of strong business connections. Reach out today to learn more about investing in professional website writing services for your business.