Do I Need a Professional Cannabis Website Writer?
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A digital content writer helps businesses create high-quality, engaging, and search engine-optimized digital content. This is a central component in every successful cannabis business’s digital marketing campaign. Effective content has the potential to help businesses gain relevance, increase traffic, generate increased revenue, and improve brand image.

Content marketing is one of the most cost-efficient and effective forms of digital advertisement. However, many businesses try to further cut costs by hiring a beginner freelance writer. Oftentimes, this is a poor decision that results in excessive time, money, and energy wasted.

Why is it a bad decision to hire a cheap writer? How much does it cost to hire a professional writer? The following informative article will reveal why professional writing services are more sustainable and affordable than hiring a freelance writer.

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Businesses In the Cannabis Industry

The stigma against cannabis has continued to dissipate in recent years. Two-thirds of Americans now support the legalization of marijuana.

These actions are an indication that cannabis will continue to gain acceptance and flourish throughout the nation. This rapid expansion of the cannabis industry has enticed many bold entrepreneurs to invest in a potentially lucrative business.

The cannabis industry has a wide and unique range of subsectors, including businesses that service products and services to other businesses in the industry (B2B) and businesses that market directly to consumers (B2C).

Businesses in the Cannabis Industry Include:

  • Technological Agencies
  • Software Solutions
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Medical Marijuana Doctors
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Marijuana Dispensaries

Cannabis businesses that want to improve their business efforts and increase their digital footprint need to invest in a professional writer who specializes in the industry. 

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Importance of Website Content

The cannabis industry is competitive and standing out amongst other businesses can be difficult. Establishing a digital presence can improve cannabis business efforts and increase revenue.  High-quality content on your website, blog, and social media accounts can also improve your brand image.

Cannabis Specific Services

Cannabis is a complex industry and requires businesses to keep up with ever-changing laws and regulations. These complexities also make it necessary for businesses in the industry to invest in cannabis-specific professional services, including advanced technologies, legal assistance, accounting, and marketing.

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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Web Writer

A business should provide audiences with cannabis knowledge that is reliable and engaging. Writers specializing in cannabis are capable of producing content that is engaging to consumers and reliable.

A professional writer with experience in the industry understands that the state of the industry is ever-evolving and will research to keep up with these ongoing changes.

There are several factors that you must consider when searching for a content writer.

Choosing a Cannabis Writer Involves Determining:

  • Your Audience
  • Your Company Goals
  • Availability
  • Communication
  • Quality of Writing
  • Experience in the Industry
  • Value vs. Cost

Hiring an experienced content writer provides an organization with direct contact with its content creator. This is more personalized and reliable than choosing services with a big-name digital marketing agency.

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Google Search Rankings

Organizational rankings on search engine results pages (SERPS) are directly related to website content. The titles, headings, meta descriptions, formatting, and content must be optimized for search engines. The more effective this content, the more reputable Google Bot will perceive an organization to be in its industry.

A beginning freelance writer does not have the experience or knowledge to develop content that is accurate or search engine optimized (SEO) for the cannabis industry. It is best to invest in a professional SEO writer unless you have an in-house SEO strategist.

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Digital content writers with experience in the cannabis industry have connections that beginners have not acquired. Many experienced writers have access to a network of potential partners, technologies, and other connections that could be beneficial to business efforts.

Blog and Website Needs

Blogs can generate traffic and increase sales. But one or two blogs will not have a significant impact. You’ll need to create content regularly to reap the benefits of blogging. Website content should also be regularly updated to remain relevant on Google Search.

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Cost of Professional Writing

Unless you have free hours each day to devote to writing, hiring a cannabis writer is the most cost-effective solution.

It costs less to hire a professional writer that specializes in web content creation than to hire a full-service digital marketing agency. Specialty writers generally offer packages for website content, blogs, press releases, and more.

Many content agencies also offer a money-back guarantee. For example, Cannabis Web Content creates blogs, press releases, and website content per project or package and offers 1000-word money-back guarantees for their content.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Beginner Freelance Writer?

The average freelance writer will charge anywhere from .05 to.10 cents a word. This equals $50 to $100 per blog article. Sounds affordable, right?

Not so much.

Hiring a beginner freelance writer may seem like the more affordable option. But consider this:

A writer at this rate will be inexperienced and require you to generate topics and keywords for them. Oftentimes, they will need related sites for reference, a layout, and even further instructions.

Do you have hours of your day to devote to developing content layouts, researching industry keywords, and editing and optimizing blog articles?

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SEO Keyword Software

Using cheap freelance writers will require your business to invest in SEO keyword software, acquire extensive SEO knowledge, and require hours of your time to review, provide direction, and edit. This software costs around 300- 500 a month but also requires 10-12 hours of research.

The majority of business owners do not have 12 hours a month to dedicate to keyword research. This would require businesses to hire an SEO consultant. The salary for an SEO consultant ranges from $70,000- $90,000 a year.

Editing and SEO Implementation

It is unlikely that the average business owner has the time or resources to provide hours of direction to an inexperienced freelancer.

New writers are notorious for using incorrect sentence structure, verbiage, grammatical errors, and the dreaded use of a passive tone. A freelancer’s work will require extensive editing that takes nearly as long as creating the entire piece.

Hiring an inexperienced writer will likely require a business to invest in an in-house editor or pay for freelance editing services. The cost of an in-house editor averages $63,400 a year. Hiring a reputable freelance editor is once again time wasted, difficult to obtain, and additional expenses.

Professional Freelance Writer

The costs of hiring a beginning freelance writer for your website and blog content add up quickly. The cost of an experienced writer does require more upfront financial investment but cost savings are nearly immediate when there is not an editor or SEO strategist needed.

Annual Costs of Writing Services

The chart above demonstrates the cost of choosing a freelance beginner vs. a seasoned professional content writer.

This data depicts the cost of obtaining 4 blog articles a month. 4 blogs a month is enough to keep most businesses relevant on Google Search. This does not account for the content or format of your website, both elements in which SEO will still need to be addressed.

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Casandra May Cannabis Web Content

Casandra May is a dedicated content writer with years of experience in developing effective, engaging, and SEO-ranked website content, blogs, press releases, and more. Casandra May is the sole and executive content writer for Cannabis Web Content. This provides businesses with the assurance that they will always receive high-quality content and communicate directly with the same writer.

Casandra May is experienced in the development of wide a range of search engine friendly content creation services, including: 

  • Articles 
  • Blogs 
  • Press Releases 
  • Website Copywriting
  • Search-Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • More…

Cannabis Web Content is also happy to help with topic generation, meta descriptions, and other SEO-related needs. Full SEO auditing services are also available. This includes a full review of your current website and an analysis of what is needed to improve search engine results page rankings (SERPS).

Contact Casandra May today if you are interested in learning more about what SEO can do for your new or existing cannabis website. 

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