Louisville, Ky September 20, 2021

Digital marketing is the most cost-efficient and effective form of advertisement. The majority of companies use platforms, including their core website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in an attempt to increase their traffic and revenue. These are crucial components of an effective campaign, but despite these efforts, many small businesses still struggle to remain relevant in this competitive world.

Small and medium-sized businesses are often lacking other important elements that are a critical part of a successful internet campaign. One area that businesses owners fall short is in creating content on their websites, including home pages, articles, and product descriptions are optimized to rank highly on Google search engines.

Search engine optimized (SEO) web content is a central component of every successful digital marketing campaign. Professional writers create articles, blogs, and press releases relevant to specific industries. This content has the potential to increase web presence, improve brand image, and generate revenue.

Large corporations utilize the services of big-name digital marketing agencies. These companies provide full-service campaign development, social media management, and SEO content. Although highly effective, these services are often too expensive for the average small business owner.

Louisville, Kentucky is excited to announce the arrival of SEO Content Marketer, a digital marketing agency founded by Kentucky natives. This LGBT and female-owned organization is proud to serve counties in the state and around the country.

SCM was created to help small businesses grow in today’s competitive digital world. Their extensive list of services includes website content, articles, blogs, press releases, product descriptions, and more.

Companies have the option of purchasing individual projects, weekly, or monthly content packages.  

SCM provides SEO content services for a wide range of industries, including:

·       Lawyers

·       Medical Professionals

·       Software Technology

·       Marketing

·       Contractors

·       Luxury Transportation

·       Private Jet Charters

·       Other Small Businesses

SEO Content Marketer was founded by Casandra May. In the true Kentuckian spirit, she worked hard to build herself a life and career.  She worked at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Georgetown, Kentucky for over ten years. The time that left outside of the laborious work was spent writing articles for agencies that sold her work to big name corporations and received little compensation.

May realized that this was an unfair situation. Not only was she working long hours and being underpaid, but these agencies then sold her content to large corporations for insanely high profits. Rates that were unattainable and impractical for the average small and medium-sized business.

This realization drove the couple to create an organization that provides affordable digital content to businesses of all sizes.

“My wife and I founded this organization on the belief that all businesses deserve access to digital marketing services.”

-Casandra May

SCM has built an extensive and professional portfolio that showcases thousands of satisfied clients who operate businesses of all sizes. If you are interested in increasing your website traffic and improving your brand image you can reach out to SCM to request a free sample.

More About SEO Content Marketer

Reach out to SEO Content Marketer to learn more about how search engine optimized content can improve your marketing efforts. Their team of marketing experts is eager to help your business grow by creating content specific to your unique industry.

Services include:

·       White Papers

·       Articles

·       Blogs

·       Press Releases

·       Product Descriptions

·       More…

Contact SCM today to speak with a digital marketing expert who is happy to help your brand grow. Custom packages are available. They are also happy to assist clients in topic creation and marketing campaign execution.

You can reach SCM directly at 502-735-5447 or email maywritingportfolio@gmail.com