Latest Kentucky Marijuana Bill Allows Adult Use and Cultivation


Marijuana legalization

Kentucky Democrats have filed a bill to legalize marijuana for adults over the age of 21, sharing cannabis amongst legal adults, and home cultivation of up to 10 mature cannabis plants.

Lexington, KY, February 20th, 2022 — The cannabis industry could provide immense opportunities for the State of Kentucky if Democrats succeed in their latest marijuana legalization efforts. The industry generates over 20 billion dollars a year in The United States and continues to rise. This could provide Kentuckians with thousands of jobs and opportunities for small businesses to emerge.

Those in favor of the bill urge Kentucky not to continue falling further behind other states. There are 37 states that have already implemented a medical marijuana program for eligible patients.  

Medical marijuana could help patients who are burdened by numerous health conditions and ailments. It could change the lives of those suffering from chronic pain, mental health issues, and opioid addiction. The bill would approve patients for any condition that their doctor believes would benefit from marijuana use.

Legalization has the potential to help thousands of Kentuckians live happier, more productive lives. Nearly 1000 Kentuckians die every year from an opioid overdose. Many of which were originally prescribed opioids by a medical professional.

Many patients have reported that medical cannabis has decreased, and/or completely eliminated their need for opioid drugs.

Casandra May, a cannabis content writer and Kentucky native, hopes the lawmakers will get on board with cannabis legalization.

“It’s an atrocity. You can’t condone prescribing an addictive and deadly substance yet refute marijuana.” Casandra May expresses.

The bill also includes provisions to protect employees from discrimination from employers. Its states that if cannabis does not affect work performance, then employers cannot penalize employees for marijuana use outside of the establishment.

Kentucky is already a substantial contributor to the hemp industry. Marijuana Moment revealed that Kentucky dedicates nearly 1,500 acres of hemp yearly. Cannabis legalization in Kentucky would require numerous programs to be developed, including a cannabis board to regulate the industry.

The bill would also decriminalize marijuana possession and expunge past convictions. Cannabis legalization would exonerate thousands of Kentuckians who are behind bars.

“Think of all the people who are incarcerated for non-violent crimes, including cannabis-related convictions. These are people with families and lives outside of those walls. The public complains about spending tax dollars on criminal facilities. I would assume that they would want to release non-violent offenders.” May continues.

Republicans have developed a more restrictive proposal, requiring patients to have been diagnosed with an eligible medical condition. The Republican proposal also prohibits smoking marijuana, sharing, home cultivation, and does not allow adult-use under any circumstances outside of medical needs.

The new bill will now face immense difficulties to gain the approval of the Republican-dominated legislature. Those in support continue to fight and narrow the bill allowances in hopes that Republicans will get on board with legalization.

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