How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Small Business
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Organizations should utilize social media to increase their website traffic and engage with audiences.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has changed the way that small businesses reach and engage with their audiences.  Organizations are utilizing online resources, including social media presence, which is critical for an effective internet marketing campaign.

Companies turn to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to reach potential customers, improve their brand image, and reach potential customers. Which social media site a small business should use will depend on several factors, including their target audience, industry, and intent.

The following informational guide will examine the benefits of using social media to promote your small business. We will also provide additional tips to help entrepreneurs take advantage of all that social media campaigns can provide.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

It is crucial to use social media to create and maintain a positive brand image and engage with audiences.

There are several benefits of using social media in your small business’s internet marketing campaign, including:

  • Improved Brand Image
  • Increased Foot Traffic
  • Reach Broader Audiences
  • Cost-Efficient

Social media is used by people of all ages and interests. There are specific demographics that should be considered when choosing which social media website is best for your business.

Identify Your Target Audience

Social media websites are utilized more often based on the potential client’s age, gender, and interests. You will need to identify the demographics of your primary consumer base to engage with your audiences.


Facebook is popular among people of all ages but is transitioning towards an older age demographic. There is the potential to reach large investors through this application.


Twitter is used by a wide range of audiences who are seeking up-to-date information. This is also the most indexed social media website on Google.


Instagram is a light-hearted community that consists of a mostly younger female generation of users. This application is used to share user photos and video content and less drama-fueled than other websites.


Pinterest is not technically a social media website but is extremely effective in marketing products. All generations use Pinterest to look for new ideas in design, crafts, and products. You can use this outlet by linking posts to your online store.

TikTok and Snapchat

These applications are mostly used among younger audiences, typically in an attempt to hide their social behavior from their parents. Similar to Myspace, these social media websites are expected to eventually transition to the social media graveyard.

Update: There is talk of a potential deal between search engine mega-giant Google and Tiktok and Snapchat. If this were to occur then we could assume that Tiktok videos and Snapchat images would appear on search engine results pages (SERPS). 

Full Utilization of Social Media Account

Social media provides numerous opportunities for organizations to improve brand image, increase web presence, and generate increased revenue. The following should be incorporated as part of your social media campaign efforts.

Press Releases

Consumers believe the information that they read on social media and trust it to be a reputable news source. Take advantage of this by posting regular press releases of company changes related to employment opportunities, announcements, and community events

Community Events

Share posts that showcase how your small business is helping contribute to your company. This will help in the development of a positive brand image.


Use social media to share upcoming products, promotions, and special pricing offers. You can even offer additional incentives to drive your clicks.

Social Media Management

It can be too time-consuming for many small business owners to develop and manage their social media accounts on their own. Some organizations hire full-service digital marketing agencies to handle their internet campaigns. These large agencies handle a wide range of internet marketing service needs, including:

  • Social Media Accounts
  • Digital Public Relations
  • SEO
  • Website Development
  • WooCommerce Management

These companies can effectively help businesses in the creation and management of their websites, blogs, online stores, and social media accounts. However, these services are expensive, often exceeding the budget for the majority of small and medium-sized business operations.

Other Affordable Small Business Options

There are affordable options that can help small businesses improve their internet presence and online relations.

It is critical to your internet success to remember that your campaign is an investment, not an expenditure. Sometimes it is necessary to spend money on crucial aspects of your marketing campaign. This may be due to a lack of time, knowledge, or resources.

The term expense often causes unpleasant feelings. Businesses may need to employ the services of professionals to increase their Google rankings and reach their goals. These expenses must be viewed as an investment, rather than an expense for businesses to succeed.


WordPress continues to be the most cost-efficient, practical, and effective means of website development. There are numerous tools that can be used to increase an organization’s accessibility through consumer-friendly tools and widgets.

WordPress is also home to WooCommerce, an easy-to-utilize online store developed to aid companies in their development, marketing, and management. There are numerous themes and templates that can be used to set up websites with ease.

These tools have made it possible for individuals with no website design experience to create visually pleasing, accessible, and engaging websites.

Website Designers

Hiring a professional website designer is a wise decision to ensure consumers enjoy an all-inclusive, accessible, and engaging experience. Invest money into a professional who provides these services as a full-time job, not a friend who uses this as a way to bring in extra cash.

Professional SEO Writers

There are writers who specialize in creating content that is optimized to appear higher on google search rankings. These professionals provide their clients with fewer services than large agencies but are more affordable for the majority of organizations.

SEO Content Marketer (SCM) is an agency that is dedicated to providing small and medium-sized businesses with optimized written content. Their service list includes:

  • Press Releases
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Product Descriptions
  • Landing Pages
  • More…

These services have the potential to increase an organization’s google search rankings, increase website traffic, and generate revenue.

Contact SCM

SCM is driven by its mission of helping small and medium-sized businesses remain relevant in today’s digital-centric world. They have provided services for numerous industries, including legal, medical, mental health, contractors, restaurant owners, and more.

Reach out to SCM for more information about their affordable content services. Professional content writers are standing by and eager to help your business increase its website traffic. Visit SCM online, or call at 502-735-5447.