How to Improve Online Presence for Cannabis Organizations
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The cannabis industry is ever-evolving. More states are continuing to legalize marijuana, creating potential investment opportunities in cultivation, manufacturing, transportation, and dispensaries. Cannabis businesses have the potential to be lucrative but do require diligence and work remain competitive. Stiff competition, in addition to the existing barriers in research and resources, creates a tough situation for many organizations to remain relevant.

One critical element for remaining competitive in the industry is to develop and maintain an effective online presence. This task requires extensive planning, advanced integrations, and other campaign tactics to be successful.

In the following informational guide, digital content writer Casandra May shares information that entrepreneurs need to know to establish and maintain a successful online presence. Following these tips has the potential to help businesses increase their website traffic, improve brand image, and generate more revenue.

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Evaluate The Competition

One of the best ways to learn new ways to improve an organization is to evaulate local competitors within the unique sector. There are numerous things that you can learn from the sucess and failures of these organizations. Take time to research other companies in the industry thoroughly. You should use several platforms to get a full scope of the local industry, including:

Evaulate Cannabis Competitors On:

  • Core Website
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Google/Yelp Reviews
  • Linkedin

The information found on these platforms should help you evaluate how these organizations are performing in public relations, marketing, and customer satisfication. Core websites can be used for ideas in web design, accessibility, and performance.

Use the information found on these sites to see where businesses are succeeding, and more importantly, falling short with consumers.

Establish Realistic Goals

Next, assess your organization’s online presence to determine how it is ranking in comparsion. Use this data to set realistic business goals, including increased web traffic and revenue. This is a wise time to calculate the amount of money you are willing to invest into your website and social media profiles. Remember that this is an investment rather than an expense and a neccessary part in the future success of all organizations.

Goals May Include:

  • Make website more accessible on mobile devices and tablets.
  • Develop content that engages consumers.
  • Determine ways to increase the liklihood consumers will interact with your brand.
  • Increase number of website leads.
  • Improve public relations.

These goals may require help from professionals who are experienced in marketing, web design, content creation, or other services. Remember that it is more affordable to find a specialist outside the organization than to staff these jobs inhouse.

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Increase Digital Footprint

There are several things that cannabis businesses can do to widen consumer reach and improve their rank on Google search engines.

  • Create an Engaging Core Website
  • Start a Podcast
  • Develop Social Media Accounts
  • Engaging SEO Content

Consumers are more likely to engage with your brand if your website appears professional and reputable. The more places that your organization is found on the web, the more trustworthy you will appear to audiences.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is the most cost-efficent and effective way to reach audiences all over the world. The most utilized social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (although there is talk of a potential deal between Google and TikTok and Snapchat in the works).

You should consider your unique target audience demographics when deciding which social media accounts to utilize.

  • Facebook- Typically, Facebook is used by older audiences but is home to big investors.
  • Instagram- Popular among younger audiences and females.
  • Twitter- This is the most indexed outlet in Google Search engines and a wise choice for many businesses.

There are full-service marketing agencies that are happy to manage social media accounts and engage with consumers. These agencies are an effective option for driving web traffic, improving brand image, and public relations. However, these agencies can be over the budget of many small and medium-sized cannabis businesses.

Social media can also connect you with other organizations that provide cannabis-specific services for the industry. These may include cannabis lawyers, techonological companies, and payment processing providers.

Showcase Community Relations

Social media is also a great way to showcase your involvement in the community through posts, images, and press releases. This builds trust with consumers and helps them see the face behind your brand.

Hire Cannabis Professionals

The majority of new startups cannot afford full-service digital marketing agencies to handle all of their digital needs. The most cost-effective way to become relevant on the internet is to only hire professionals with required skills that you cannot perform.

Professional Website Designer

Web design is a skilled area that it is best to hire a professional to develop. When using the term professional, we are referring to an individual who develops engaging, accessible, and navigational websites full-time.

This is a worthy investment because a website that lacks any of these elements will be overlooked by consumers.

Cannabis Lawyer

Success for cannabis businesses relies heavily on compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. These are continuously changing and it is important to have legal resources to protect your business. Hiring a lawyer that is educated and experienced in cannabis is critical for all businesses in the industry. It may be necessary to have more than one lawyer on retainer, depending on the size of the organization.

Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

Financial solutions are one of the hardest barriers for cannabis businesses to overcome. Traditional financing through federal banks is unavailable because marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, deeming involvement high-risk. There are technological companies that have developed software exclusively for the cannabis industry. One of these organizations, Paybotic, provides payment processing, debit processing, cannabis banking, and more.

Professional SEO Writing

Employing the services of a professional writer is the most affordable and effective way to increase your website traffic. Choose writers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the industry to ensure that all information is reputable and well-researched.

There are professional agencies whose sole purpose is to create search engine optimized (SEO) content for web pages, blog articles, and press releases for social media. These professionals know which topics, keywords, and headings to use to create pieces of content that rank highly on Google.

Casandra May Develops Web Content Exclusively for Cannabis Organizations

Casandra May is an established writer with years of experience developing digital content for businesses in the cannabis industry. Customizable word count packages are available to meet the needs of any budget. She is also happy to assist in topic creation, meta descriptions, and more.

Content Services Include:

  • Webpage Content
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Product Descriptions
  • More
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